Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving 07

Our 11Foot Christmas Tree. We went all out. When in Liberty City we had planned on taking the kids out and enjoying picking out a tree but due to 30 degree weather and heavy rain just Rusty and I (aka morons) went and got wet, freezing, and muddy. It was totally worth it.
Rusty and I have not intended on being in the pic. Paxton freaked out and so did Mackey. Santa rudely informed me that it was not going to work with Mackey b/c Paxton was so upset. I bit my tongue but I wanted to say to Santa "just sit there and look jolly".
He was right but I wanted to at least try and he wanted to move on to the next kid.
The is impossible to get a good pic.
Grandma and Her Girl...I made them matching shirts.
Since the cold weather we have watched "CARS" only about 3 times a day. He is obsessed. He said that it was his favorite and that he wants Rusty to get a truck like the "TowMater" truck.

The Piggs on the couch
Mackey's Turkey shirt
Paxton on the way to Liberty City...on his own doing.

Almost Our Birthday Girl
Showing his Muscles
Seriously....Grandma Pigg(GG) Can this pic be any funnier...good thing she doesn't have a computer, she would kill me. Don't worry it is a Root Beer!

Thanksgiving was a whirlwind of turkey with PatPat's speciality sauce, family, and football. Analeise: Rusty is still waiting for a returned phone call about the TU/A&M game!! All the Piggs (mom's maiden name, not a joke) came up to our house on Wednesday and then Friday we headed to Liberty City. We have been enjoying the cold weather this week and have been hanging out at bounce houses, cleaning the house, decorating for Christmas and walking the mall...we even attempted to visit Santa-see pic above. We are gearing up for the BIG ONE birthday party. Rusty and I are going to be going on an all day date to Christmas shop , we are really excited about getting to shop without kids/strollers. Paxton is set his heart on a motorcycle sooo...Where is Santa going to find one of these??


Katriana said... do I get my hands on one of those turkey shirts? I sooo love it!! :)~

Becky said...

I love those shirts. You did a great job!

Clay said...

I'm not joking - I think I took a picture with this Santa when I was a little girl. Seriously. He must be really old.
Your kids are so cute, I've missed checking in on you guys the past few months...and by the way...that's a huge Christmas tree.

beckbrock said...

How fun!! Your kids are little dolls!!