Thursday, November 01, 2007


Rusty and Paxton making the rounds
The only picture of a cowboy and his chicken...this chicken has flown the coop.
We ate with the neighbors before the festivities began, here is the crew. The scary Heston on the far right is usually dressed up and running through the woods is a highlight to see what he is each day.
The Marbolo Man...
Notice the pumpkin is empty and he is #3.

Our Little Chicken shaking her egg
Chicken at her very First Halloween Party.
Before the fun began...trying to persuade him to wear the outfit

This year was so much fun watching Paxton "Trick-a-Trickin"(his version of trick or treat, he eventually got it right). We fought the fight and won the battle with the costume. I am not sure how it happened but Paxton is ADDICTED to candy-all kinds, doesn't matter:) Tuesday at his school party he went as a crying lion and gladly went to Mrs. Shari so he could persuade her to take the lion off. It was off before I even left the school. However, Rusty put on his cowboy hat and talked Paxton into being a "cowboy". The ONLY reason he left the cowboy outfit on was that we told him no one would give him any candy without a costume. That did the trick. Our neighborhood had this really cool hayride and most everyone was sitting at their drive-ways with their drinks, bonfires, and candy. We got out a couple of times but mostly people came to us. Paxton was really good at saying "Thanks". I wish I had a tape recorder of the way he said thanks'. It was the happiest thanks ever. The older kids were laughing at how well he was able to open the candy, I think half the pumpkin was gone before we made it to the third house. I think Paxton thinks he died and went to Heaven last night:) Mackey gladly put on her chicken outfit (no, I did not make it). Our chicken loved her lollipop but got worn out quickly. She stayed with SueSue and PatPat while the rest of us trick or treated. We had so much fun, especially since Paxton scored us tons of candy.


Beau, Melissa, & Brynne said...

So much fun! Your kids are precious. I don't think there is any easy way to dress children up under the age of 4!

Becky said...

Love the costumes! They are very cute.

beckbrock said...

What a great site!! The kids are precious!! I will enjoy your updates. It feels like I am there!

Michelle said...

Great Pics! They both look SO cute!!!