Monday, December 18, 2006

Life has been crazy around here! I think that just a couple hours spent with me makes people stressed. Paxton is doing good and adjusting as expected. He loves Mackey, but hates Mackey and mom together. We are working on soft touches and sweet kisses. Today was my first 3 hours alone and it was manageable. You don't get to spend as much time with a new baby when you have a high maintence 18 month old. She is doing well. Her jaundice has gotten better, she has gained back 3 ounces, and she would probably sleep through the night if I would allow her too. Everything seems to be going good. Feeding is difficult for me but she seems to have the hang of it down. Someone should write a book about all the things you need to know after labor. There are all these fantastic books about the 9 months till the baby, but nothing about all the things the mom goes through after:)...and this is my second time!! We are hoping to get into the house before Dec 28th so Rusty can watch the A&M game on his brand new plasma t.v. (it is not looking very promising). I am beginning to have anxiety with all the boxes (packed and not packed), the curtains that are not done, the make shift room Mackey has in our bed room, and the fact that Santa may have to go to SueSue and Grandpats home instead of Brookhollow Circle. We are managing however and I am reminded to be thankful for 2 healthy children and to stop and make sure and enjoy the reason for the season. It is not about all the above anxiety, but about Jesus.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mackey Elizabeth

One proud little brother... Our precious Christmas gift After delivery...looking a little tired Going home... My bow woman... I have waited a long time to put bows on my girl.

Special Delivery

December 11,2006 at 10:12 p.m.,
6 lbs. 0 oz., 19 1/2 "
Breakdown of events:
Sunday after church Rusty begins to finish installation of irrigation system at Brookhollow Circle and I continue to paint Mackey's new room. The pattern appears to be easy and cute but turns into 3 weekends and lots of favors from friends. Sunday night Paxton has a 103.4 fever and he and I lay on the couch and watch Polar Express while Rusty is at church, I begin to feel uncomfortable cramps...nothing hospital worthy, so I ignore and they go away. 9:00 p.m. Rusty and I cleaned entire house, I went to the grocery store, and washed all the clothes. On Monday morning Paxton and I head to the pediatrician were they test him for Flu and RSV still Paxton is with 102.0 fever. The test luckily both come back negative. That afternoon at 2:00 Rusty meets me at the OB for my 37 week appt...we're officially full term and never expected to make it this far!!! Dr. Riegel checks me and I am 4 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Yeah!! He then tells me that due to my weirdness and that I have really yet to feel contractions that I should go the hospital and be monitored and that I could not go home to get anything just in case. I call our great friends Danny and Jessica White and ask them to come get Paxton and take him until we figure out if this is arrival day, and since he has 102.0 temp he cannot be around the new baby until he is 24 hours fever free. Upon arrival to the hospital which is across the street from the OB office. I am 6cm and having contractions every one minute...still feeling nothing. At 7cm I am "forced" to take the epidural despite not feeling anything because Rusty and my mom said that I would regret this decision at 9cm...which I am thankful for loved ones who look out for me. At 10:12p.m. Mackey entered the world. It is so amazing when you do pregnancy/birth right. Rusty and I were so blessed by God to have two precious babies. Rusty's parents were able to make it in time and Mackey and Big Daddy share the same birthday...Happy birthday to you...she was the best birthday present he has ever received, I bet!! Paxton came up on Wed. morning as they were throwing us out the door and he has been in love ever since. He has made the transition very well and thinks she is so much fun. They must have talked because the both absolutely hate to have their diapers changed. We are loving life these last two days... we have already ventured to Target, Fudruckers, San Marcos grill, and the construction site. The second child has proven to be much easier due to less stress about worrying if your baby is functioning. Thank you so much to all who came to see us, those who called, the meals you will make, and the prayers we have received.

THE CRIER we have been a little busy!! I have a funny story that I feel is blog worthy so I am back tracking a bit. Last Sunday we went to Sunday school to drop Pac-Man off at the nursery. Many of you know that he cries a lot and has nightmares about the church nursery. I like to compliment myself and say it is because he loves me so much a cannot bear to be away from me..we all know this behavior is not healthy. Well, this cute little lady comes up to another cute lady (all the while Rusty and I are standing within ear shot) and says "Is this that crier you were talking about?" and the cute lady replies "yes." Well, I am tough and so is Rusty but nobody wants the crier to be their child. So we are working on seperation anxiety and I bringing the Sunday school teachers Christmas presents to help them relax. I just wanted to document this so that someday when Paxton wants nothing to do with us I can remind him he WAS the crier.