Thursday, December 14, 2006

THE CRIER we have been a little busy!! I have a funny story that I feel is blog worthy so I am back tracking a bit. Last Sunday we went to Sunday school to drop Pac-Man off at the nursery. Many of you know that he cries a lot and has nightmares about the church nursery. I like to compliment myself and say it is because he loves me so much a cannot bear to be away from me..we all know this behavior is not healthy. Well, this cute little lady comes up to another cute lady (all the while Rusty and I are standing within ear shot) and says "Is this that crier you were talking about?" and the cute lady replies "yes." Well, I am tough and so is Rusty but nobody wants the crier to be their child. So we are working on seperation anxiety and I bringing the Sunday school teachers Christmas presents to help them relax. I just wanted to document this so that someday when Paxton wants nothing to do with us I can remind him he WAS the crier.