Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mackey Elizabeth

One proud little brother... Our precious Christmas gift After delivery...looking a little tired Going home... My bow woman... I have waited a long time to put bows on my girl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paxton,
I just happened to go to your blog and what did I see but your beautiful baby sister and her big brother. How exciting and what a womderful present for all of you. How proud you must be. We need your new address so we can send something girly to Mackey. There might even be a big brother gift in the box too. Congratulations to all of you. You are truly blessed!!!!!!!
Love to all of you,
Linda and Ron Odom
Grandma's cousin

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful! What a sweet family! I love Paxton's expression in that first picture.

APRIL said...

AHHHH! She's here! How wonderful! I'm been thinking about you alot the past few days wondering if your little girl had arrived. She is beautiful and SO tiny 6lbs...I guess Paxton was smaller then that when he was she might seem huge to you. I'm so excited for you guys...and I LOVE the bows!

Anonymous said...

She is precious!!! That pic with Paxton is priceless....he looks like such an angel :) Hope everything is as smooth as butter!

Renee and Luke said...

Love those pictures cant wait to see her in person. Hey have someone call me back because your phone is full and I want to come and see her. I will be in Dallas this weekend. Ok well talk with you later.

Brittney said...

Whitney -

She is such a cutie pie!!!! Congratulations to you and Rusty on the addition to the family. I am working on my blog page for my little man - Holt. I will have to get Courtney to tell me when you are in town so I can come visit as well.

Brittney (Creek) Brockenbush