Monday, December 18, 2006

Life has been crazy around here! I think that just a couple hours spent with me makes people stressed. Paxton is doing good and adjusting as expected. He loves Mackey, but hates Mackey and mom together. We are working on soft touches and sweet kisses. Today was my first 3 hours alone and it was manageable. You don't get to spend as much time with a new baby when you have a high maintence 18 month old. She is doing well. Her jaundice has gotten better, she has gained back 3 ounces, and she would probably sleep through the night if I would allow her too. Everything seems to be going good. Feeding is difficult for me but she seems to have the hang of it down. Someone should write a book about all the things you need to know after labor. There are all these fantastic books about the 9 months till the baby, but nothing about all the things the mom goes through after:)...and this is my second time!! We are hoping to get into the house before Dec 28th so Rusty can watch the A&M game on his brand new plasma t.v. (it is not looking very promising). I am beginning to have anxiety with all the boxes (packed and not packed), the curtains that are not done, the make shift room Mackey has in our bed room, and the fact that Santa may have to go to SueSue and Grandpats home instead of Brookhollow Circle. We are managing however and I am reminded to be thankful for 2 healthy children and to stop and make sure and enjoy the reason for the season. It is not about all the above anxiety, but about Jesus.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear mackey is healthy! She is beautiful. I sympatize with your stress through the holidays and new home having just had a baby too! Looking forward to play dates! Have a merry christmas with your new blessing!

uncle randy said...

Looks like pure trouble!