Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy 9 months!!

Can you believe Paxton is 9 months...It feels like just yesterday Dr. Riegel informed me that though 2 months early I was already 6cm and would be having a baby today:) - I can now look back on it and laugh...Though I hope it does not happen that way the second time around:) So...I have not posted in awhile which is unlike me. We are really crawling now. Paxton does however get frustrated if he cannot get there quickly...Wonder who he got that from? He still begs to be held all the time, and to my surprise is not independent even though he can crawl. We are teething and as the Dr. Put it, he is just one of those really bad teethers that cry often...did I mention that I thought for a brief period about working more often:) He is eating yogurt and Rusty and I have already calculated the money we will save in 3 months at the year mark when you don't have to do expensive formula anymore...$120!!! Here are some candid shots of Pax-Man!! He looks a little guilty in the first one doesn't he??


katie said...

LOVE kids in footie pjs. So cute.

Big Daddy said...

Hey, Paxton, Big Daddy can't wait to take you for a ride in the cart pulled by the lawnmower. We might even take Mom for a ride, too.