Sunday, March 12, 2006

Trip to Center

OHHH...Where do I start. What was suppose to be a weekend trip turned into a one night trip. So I finally went back to church and put Paxton in the nursery and WE GOT SICK!! We have a cold, and lots of snot!! So after not sleeping for a whole almost two days SueSue and I headed home. I think SueSue is rethinking this babysitting 2 days a week now:) In the midst of all the moaning, Motrin, and a running nose...he managed to read with Great Grandma Pigg about how "Dinosaurs clean their Rooms". We went to the best Italian place I know and he finally fell asleep on the floor in his new sleeping bag...kinda gross but it was a meal in peace. We went to the Dr. for the 9 month check up and they were a little concerned about his weight and the fact that he doesn't seem to have grown very much in the last few weeks...I am not too concerned because anyone who knows Paxton knows that he has the biggest LEGS ever!!! Cousin Andrew is HUGE so his mommy is getting induced the 22nd....YEAH!!! So Paxton and I are quarantined to the house this week:)


APRIL said...

Paxton is a cutie. Sorry that you're sick. There's nothing worse then being sick and having to take care of somebody else...esp a sick baby!

Renee Porter said...

I am confused was the best Italian Food place in Center??

Paxton Cox said...

OK so this was confusing...I am not sick...just Paxton. The best Best is called Auntie Pasta in Nacogdoches. Whit