Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Is there a Dada???

Is there a DaDa in the house? SOoo.. Paxton now says Dada. I don't really think that he knows who Dada is but he likes to say it over and over again. I guess since dads feel left out some of the time and the bond between mother and baby is so great, God decides to make the dad feel better and allow most babies to say their name first...that is the conclusion I have come to. I was teasing Rusty that at 6:30 in the morning I would go and feed Paxton but he does not want me he wants his Dada, DAda, DADA. So...one more way to get out of waking up so early, since I am not the morning person (and yes, I do know that eventually I will have to get up even earlier that 6:30) Also, the Cox house is about to get hectic, as our small beautiful baby boy is only days from being mobile. We can frog hop and roll just about anywhere. We are ladies and gentleman up on all fours...I can only imagine:> Since somehow Paxton has already managed to wiggle out of the carseat and stroller_giving me mom of the week award twice. He is a BUSY body? Does he get this from his mother or father:) We have also advanced to carrots, grapes, vienna sausage things, and just about anything we can get our hands on. I am not sure if this is good...but he has already eaten a whole pickle!! He is a GREAT eater...not picky at all. So if you don't see a blog for awhile you know that Paxton is MOBILE!!


APRIL said...

From day one Ty was trying to stay-up, he was a pro at walking by 8 months....so I know exactly what you mean by BUSY BODY!! In the cold winter months, Jeff and I brought his mini climbing thing/slide inside to tackle some of the energy. What a fun stage Paxton is in!! Enjoy:)