Saturday, February 04, 2006


So I joined LA Fitness in search of the perfect abs/body...I don't think that is ever achieved after a baby though. (I fell better saying that, smaller expectations:) Well the first day I did a step class lead by my friend Cindy, I had contemplated after 30 minutes if I could just walk out or prayed that Paxton would need me in the nursey. Luckily my pray was answered when I heard mother of Paxton Cox come to Kids Klub. Saved by the baby!! The problem is that everyday since then I have worked out I have heard mother of Paxton Cox please come to the nursey. I don't know how it happened but I have of those mamas babies. So Rusty and I are trying to break the habits. However our precious angel is sleeping through the night which is so NICE:) Another thing...why is it that after buying all the expensive toys they want the kitchen supplies that cost $1. Paxton loves spatulas and long spoons, he is over the stage where he sticks in so far that he chokes. Paxton is about to have his big 8 month b day. Where did the time go???

Paxton and SueSue did some bath time in the sink this Friday...Note the spatula:)


KatieKate said...

And the prefectly positioned SueSue arm to cover personal boy parts. Way to keep that boy (and the rest of us) innocent!