Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer 2010

Rootin' for them Aggies

Spending Time with Great Friends

 Our Garden...too bad the next day when I went to pick the lettuce it was ALL GONE....it had been eaten by worms, the whole THING. What in the World!!!
 Pesky Worm

 We Get dirty in Melissa
 Happy 4th, The funny thing is Paxton the Piro was so excited about putting  on their firework show. The country folks down the way put the Great Escape boys with their $60 firework show to shame. They had spent $3,000. It was great!!! We look forward to next year and I think will stick to sparklers.
 Thank you Rudder for pulling all the crackers in the pantry to our room. I guess he was hungry.

 The Squad at the Dallas Zoo
She's like her mama. She loves Cokes and LOTS of good ice.

The story of Mackey's Life

 First Camel Ride
 Brassy Blueberries at the Tri Delt House Show. IT was so much fun, thanks Devin.
 Kirby was supposed to be feeding the animals at the petting zoo...I guess she got Hungry
Look how BIG she looks.

Rusty and I painting furniture. I don't think Rusty had all this in mind when he married me.

Needed a pic of that hinney!! Maybe taking after PatPat, she seems to be interested in irrigation.

Look at those muscles

My posey

1/2 off Sale- sorry about the pic

Mom and I in our fave area. The junk area at Canton. Found some Treasures