Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The tackle boxes Rusty found for me (and Paxton) for decorating.

 The minnow chase. I bought about 26 the day before and they were ALL dead between the gas station and my house. Awesome, luckily they are cheap. Rusty bought some more that even a few made it for the party. The boys thought the dead ones were fun to fish out too!!
Paxton really wanted a pinata. I think he just wanted something to HIT.

Wish I knew what they were saying.

 The only one to catch a fish. Way to go Lainey and put those boys to shame.
The bait bar to fill your tackle box.

Happy 5th Bday. Paxton had a fishing party this year. 5 was a BIG number for Paxton. The world was going to change the morning he turned 5.


rackersfamily said...

can't believe he turned 5! you always have the cutest parties. miss you.