Thursday, March 06, 2008

Easter Egg Hunting in the Snow???

Texas style sledding in a wheel barrel...
The tree in our backyard...I thought it was BEAUTIFUL!! It looks like it has a lot of wisdom.
Our little snow bunny
An attempt at a snowman...lets just call it a snow castle
The threesome

My view in the front yard...Looks like New Mexico while you wait in anticipation to get to Colorado and ski.
The dogs had a blast
He thought it was really cool

Mackey thought the taste was hilarious
Easter eggs in Snow...seems kinda odd
Our looks like it belongs in Colorado

Has this ever happened. I am officially ready for Spring and planting and mowing and being outside. But....Let it snow. Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Can you believe it? Monday night we got about 5 inches of snow and it is supposed to start snowing again tonight. Texas weather...seriously!!! Paxton and Mackey had so much fun tasting the snow (I am sure that is not recommended due to some pollutants or something) but we licked and laughed. Paxton was a little confused he kept saying, "Santa Clause". Boy will be upset when he wakes up Tuesday:) We went out Tuesday morning and played for a couple minutes...until Paxton said he was too cold and needed a warm bath...just like his mom:) Nothings better. Mackey was having a hard time walking in the snow too!!! It's so funny how God surprises you with glimpses of his wonder/creation when you least expect it. Who would have thought snow and Easter two years in a row.


APRIL said...

I love those photos. I bet those kiddos had a blast..what fun!!
Your house, yard and trees look beautiful covered with snow. Fun memories!