Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's 2008

Some of the Greatest Friends a Girl could ask for...I am sandwiched between pregos:)
My running buddy... and great friend. I look a little cold.
Us and Our Sweet Friends Danny and Jessica
The Girls
The Guys

One of the delicious cookies at our Play-date Party
Us and Our fabulous Friends Andrew and Shay Shull...who is prego after much prayer. Yeah Baby Shull, Sept 08'

US....5th Valentine's together...

Mackey looking a little rough after a lot of kids and candy
Paxton and MackeyMicah...looking oh so sweet! The carriage even survived
The later group minus....Addie Court, AnnMarie Svoboda, Kate White, and Riley Rackers, and Liam Finan.
Lainey, Paxton, Hadley, Mackey, and Micah (who has a new baby brother Liam in the NICU...hoping to have him home next week)

Mackey after Picture People in the play area at the mall
Love this guy!!!
Mackey and Paxton love Baby Kate...I think Mackey is jealous of all that hair.
This Valentine's was super packed and great. It was surrounded by great friends, family, and food. One day this week we ventured to Picture People for their free 8x10 and Valentine's cards...which many of you recieved in the mail today. I had to be strong and stick with the "FREE" offer. Of course they come out with framed pic that cost $130. What do they do with all those photos??? they thow them away??? Thursday morning we had a bunch of Paxton and Mackey's friends over for a Valentine's Party. It lasted 3 hours with people coming and going and was so much fun for kids and mothers. We had wedding punch, cookies, and chicken minis. LOTS of good junk. Paxton and AnnMarie win for the most junk eaten. Every time I turned around they had found another thing of candy. I wish I had a pic of them eating FunDip. They were so careful to not loose one piece of sugar. Then we celebrated with our Sunday school class our 2nd Annual V-Day Dinner. This year we went to Terilli's. It was great. Erika, Jessica, and I love planning this social because we get to get all dressed up and eat great food. When I was getting dressed Paxton asked me if I was a princess...where does he get this stuff???We are so blessed to be loved by friends and family.


Becky said...

Looks like you guys had a great time on Valentine's Day. Your kiddos are just so precious!