Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mackey and I riding the big slide
Paxton doing it dare devil style
A BAD attempt at a group picture...thanks Paxton
Feeding the animals.
My sister that I was seperated at birth from, right Ang??? Ang, I love ya!!

Mother and Daughter on the longest Hayride ever, do these people know everyone on it is two!!!
Paxton's dream car. He likes to tell Rusty and I when we need to mow.

Sporting the handmade overalls
Best Buds...

SueSue and GG with the kids on our Galleria day
Paxton being eaten by a hippo
Mackey thinks because Paxton is diaperless, she should be too. Paxtonhas started to think about the potty. I think he says I need to sit on teh potty because he can take off his diaper.

This week has been a CRAZY and LONG week. Rusty has been out of town all week!!!

Sat: We all (PatPat, SueSue, GG, and the Cox 4) to the Arboretum for family pics. Oh wait that 10% chance of rain was all day storms. We made lemonade and went to the Galleria for some toy stores, the play area, and some Grand Lux food- which was very good! It ended up being a good day followed by a very stressful Aggie game that night.

Sun: I worked and came home to Danny and Jessica keeping the kids since Rusty had left for Boston. Which was a trip I was not up for and I am sure that Renee was not either.

Mon: LOTS of house cleaning. I get the best cleaning and organizing done while Rusty is gone. That night was ended by the Shulls taking care of me and my kids for dinner. Thanks Shulls...sorry that Paxton and Mackey completely baby proofed your house.

Tuesday: I finally got the courage to withdraw Paxton for Mother's Day Out. I know it is great for most people. But I guess another year will be better, I felt like I never saw Paxton and I missed him. They were very understanding and made my decision easier. It would have been great if I could have afforded to send them both, but it was more stressful having Mac be sad her BFF was gone.

Wednesday: Oh..I am feeling really good about my parenting skills and organization, kids in the car looking cute and on my way to pick up GG for bible study. Oh wait...did I leave the car door open all night and the battery is dead now. ARE you kidding me??? I go though list of guys names some I know well, some I have talked to a couple times walking in the neighborhood. No one is available except for poor Tab who is in Frisco. Wonder Woman neighbor to the rescue. We are super girls this morning. We put the car in neutral and push it down the inclining drive-way and manage to stop it just before the grass. We jump the car and then off to get GG's new glasses, we manage to stop at the McDonald's playground first.

Thursday: We meet Paxton's bestest friend ever "Bents" a.k.a. Brant. We go to Bill Bates Pumpkin Farm in Celina. It was beautiful as always but a huge beating on the moms. Mackey and Morgan being carried and Brant and Paxton running like wild geese all over the place. I needed a nap, but instead we meet Jessica and Shay at " The Zone". We show these two (Jessica and Shay) a really good time. Or should I say that Paxton and Brant show them a good time. There was crackers and pizza dip with Root Beer all over the place. But as though it had not been a long enough day we decided to stay and play at the Bounce Houses a while. When we got home PatPat had fixed the lawn mower tire (long story- has to do with the car door being open)
and I was free to mow the acre and half. Luckily PatPat took Paxton to play with Scooter and Mackey slept long enough for me to get the lawn mowed. Whew...what a day!

Friday: We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kate and AnnieB. We have to store up energy for the BIG Melissa Homecoming game.


Shull Family said...

Ok girl, I posted something new today! By the way, could your kids be any cuter?

R Porter said...

So excited I made the blog. I like the overalls on Mac they are cute. Love all the new pics. Love yall!!

Michelle said...

Soooo not much going on eh... Love the pic with Paxton in the Rhino mouth... made me laugh out loud!