Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Broken Bow

Grandma and Paxton walking in the woods
Mackey and Big Daddy waiting on the train
The threesome waiting on the whistle
The early attempt to calm the kids down...looks like it was 2,000 card pick-up
Father and Daughter
The family in the depths of Broken Bow

This last weekend started the tradition of camping for many years to come. We packed up and headed to Broken Bow Oklahoma. On the way up there in Durant this very unkept man ran into the back of our Tahoe...of course I was upset since I had just gotten the car. I felt a lot better when he pulled out his insurance card and switched information with us. ( I later have found out that he had no insurance and my hard earned dollar will be fixing the dent in my bumper). We did not let this put a damper on our excitement. We stayed at the Broken Bow lodge, seeing as how we are not quite ready to spend the night in a tent with Paxton and Mackey. It was so relaxing! I even finished one of my scandalous books from Shay...thanks Shay! It was so great at the camp site with Big Daddy and Grandma's camper, complete with very small bathroom. Luckily we were right by the playground and Drew and Paxton played there almost no stop. I had way to many smores and deemed myself smore maker:) Saturday we went on a train ride through a great little forest area of BB, deer were coming right up to the train. The train ride followed up by a steak dinner was the big excitement of Saturday. I LOVED THE R&R. I cannot wait till we can do the tent thing, especially since it took us 3 hours to get our children to bed both nights...sorry to the people around us:) Many memories will be formed at my camping sights throughout Texas and surrounding states. We look forward to the many adventures that await the Cox family and camping.