Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paxton had his first soccer game Saturday morning. I can't believe he was able to function since we didn't get in from Florida till 4am and his game was at 8am. Rusty is coaching...though he knows nothing about soccer he is enjoying watching Paxton be so excited about sports. Paxton said he didn't care if we signed him up for football and baseball too. Not sure how I feel about every Saturday being booked, but it is so fun watching him. He did score a goal...but he scored in the wrong goal. Rusty said that he knew he had scored in the wrong goal but everyone convinced him he had scored right. He was so excited. He came home that morning and told me a play by play...He said mommy, "Everyone was screaming Go Cardinals". Also, thank you to PatPat who came and watched after being awake for 24 hours coming home from Florida.