Sunday, March 29, 2009

What we Have Been Up to...

Paxton with his fishing box...thanks Big daddy for stocking us up. He loved organizing it and taunting Mackey that he had a box and she did not. Fishin'...Mama was praying that at least one fish would bite just so we could have a little fun, no such luck. We came to the conclusion they were all taking a Sunday afternoon nap.
PatPat and Mackey
Our Big Boy ice skating. He did really well. I think the OCD in him refused to fall because he didn't want to get wet and cold. Whatever motivates him!!
Ice Skating... Mackey spent most of the time in that stancs...the falling stance. She had a little trouble with the skating but hung strong. At the end she was frustrated and came and sat by me and in a really whimpery voice said, "I not that good". Of course the mama in me had to be encouraging and let her know she was awesome.
The kids at the entrance to the ice skating rink at the Galleria. Thinking they are so funny walking on the blades.
Her crown has slipped. Not sure who the culprit was but someone thought this was funny. Sorry Jeni, Jackson's toy has been busy.
Sweet Girl at 5 weeks. She has kept the dark hair. Praise the Lord she has just plain kept hair!! That's a first for the Cox children.
One proud Big Sis. She LOVES to cuddle Kirby and loves to hold her...supervised of course:)
Happy 1 Month B-day. We are officially in the 2% for weight now. Yippee!!
We are loving the weather...nothing beats Coke floats on the front porch. Of course the next picture would be of Mackey spilling hers. Notice the fabulous wreath that Erika and I made to copy Shays. Thanks Shay for buying the wreath and letting us copy.
The playgroup line-up. Kirby has LOTS of friends....note there are LOTS of boys. Carter, Jackson, Jaxson, and Luke watch out there maybe arranged marriages.
Trying to get the group corraled.