Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Santa Came!!!

Well, the first Chritmas with a baby!! How much fun it is...Santa had his sleigh full of toys for Paxton. We had Christmas saturday and then mommy worked Christmas eve...the price was right. Then on Sunday after mommy slept we went to SueSue and Grandpats for some more Christmas, they gave me this awesome rocket, it talks and everything. Then Monday we left for Liberty City for yet another Christmas. I was good for about 2 presents and then had to take a nap due to being overwhelmed. Grandma and Big Daddy got me a John Deere farm with corn you can really cut, books, and a piano. I really racked it in this year! We had to make an emergency trip home due to ear infections in both ears. I still hung in there long enough to visit Big Daddy at the Library and go to the Shreveport Boardwalk. Unfortunately I cried all the way to and from Shreveport and mom and dad decided to head home and not subject anyone to my crying...I also needed to sleep in my own bed since I did not sleep for two days prior.
Pray for my parents and grandparents as we make the long trek on New Years to Amarillo!!


conner said...

Wow!! Paxton! Looks like you got some really cool gifts too! I don't know who this Santa guy is, but I really really like him! I can't wait to use your ball pit when I come to your B-Day party!

Mary said...

Hey ya'll were at the boardwalk and I didn't know so I missed out on some precious Paxton time. Call me next time so I can come over and hold that sweetheart. Oh yeah, and see you and Rusty.

Love ya
Aunt Mary