Monday, May 21, 2007

Mackey swaying to and fro...she wants to hang with her big brother so bad
1st time to sleep in her own crib
Peaches and rice...we can shovel it in fast enough
Right out of the bath, she loves the water
Mackey 's best friend Morgan and Paxton's future wife, Mackey is going to marry Brant, Paxton's best friend...we have already begun to arrange the wedding...they seem to really enjoy the pool.
Brant and Paxton enjoying the pool with daddy

Cox's daycare...4 kids under three...Alone with Me. Rusty was out of town and I volunteered to keep Sydney while here parents went on a date and then Brinley's mom who is pregnant with twin boys had to go the hospital for some premature contractions. It really wasn't that bad. A pool and Popsicle...what could be better.

Mackey's Dedication picture. She got dedicated on Mother's Day. For Mother's Day, Rusty surprised me with an IPOD. I have entered the high tech world.
Jennifer, J.D.. Mackey, and I before the dedication. Mackey is about 3 weeks older.
I am in LOVE...we purchased a riding lawnmower. Push mowing 1 acre is no fun...but an excellent workout. I love to mow, but the riding thing has taken the love to a whole new level. I take after PatPat in my love of grass. Too bad I have developed an allergy to grass, that can't stop me from the joy of mowing though.

Mackey on the move
He absolutely loves Mackey. He feels the need to hug and kiss all the time. He calls her MAC. The capitalization is because he cannot say it without a deep yelling voice.
A weekend with the Debo and James. He absolutely loves to hang out with Debo and read books. He brought a kitchen SueSue bought at the beloved Marta's and cooked some delights for James.

He is so good at sharing. He even shares his Popsicle with Boone
We need a pool, he is standing in the dog's water bowl.
We invested all $8 for a pool. He loves it.

I am having blog withdraw. There is no way to catch you up on everything that has gone on the in the last few I will recreate it with pictures. We have been loving the weather and hanging out outside almost every night. We have gone swimming already which was a big hit by both Mackey and Paxton. Rusty is still traveling a lot but we enjoyed him being here for an entire week last week. Mackey is 5 1/2 months which blows my mind...I feel like she is still brand new. She is going to crawl son..she looks at Paxton as if to say be patient I promise I'll be there soon. She is able to get anywhere by rolling. Paxton is in love with her...when she cries he tells her: "It'll beeee o'tay!" He has been teaching her all about the Baby Einstein saucer. We went on our first camping trip last weekend to to follow. Mackey will be getting tubes soon due to non-healing ear infections. We are just loving outdoors and children these days. Hope you enjoy the pictures.