Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Three's A Crowd

Three's A Crowd

Rusty and I recently found out that we will be expecting BABY #3. We are 9 weeks along already!!!! No matter how many times you are pregnant you never forget the overwhelming tiredness and hunger. We are so excited that in late October (which means end of Sept/first of October) we will welcome with LOTS of help from Paxton and Mackey either a baby brother or sister. I am going to fight back temptation and wait till then to see whether it is a boy or girl. Paxton totally gets that there is a baby in my stomach and that when it gets "bigger and bigger" it will come out. He always tells Mackey that she came out of mommy's tummy too. He told Shelley at daycare that we were having a girl. Again she congratulated Rusty on another girl and he was again surprised that at daycare Paxton is such a wealth of untrue knowledge. Paxton has always when asked said that it is a girl. We are so blessed and can't wait to see if it is a Campbell Ann (girl) or Shepherd Henry (boy) that is growing "bigger and bigger".


A couple of weekends ago we spent an entire day at the Dallas Blooms Arboretum. We had a professional photographer that followed us around for about 2 hours and then I put my Canon to the test. These are my pictures, I will let you know when the professional ones are in. We had a great time as a family and I can't imagine a more beautiful place. Paxton was involved in a stick horse rodeo, doing very well around the barrels might I add. We added a Root Beer float to our sunburns and called it a day.

Easter Weekend 2008

Enjoying a spring day...watermelon and all.
Mackey thouroughly enjoying watermelon. They absolutely love watermelon. Mackey has one for each hand just in case. I love that her face is so passionate about what she is eating.
Paxton waiting to see what the Easter Bunny brought. I know that he was least excited by the swimming goggles but that was the first thing he told everyone he got...go figure. At the babysitters house this week he told her he got a green bunny and we named him bunny. Rusty was caught off guard when Shelley asked about "our" bunny. His imagination is already wild.
Mackey checking it out. If she had known there was food in it she would have raced for the door.
The family portrait that was great for the second year in a row...note the sarcasm. Paxton is not looking and Mackey had just head butted me in the eye...so she was crying.

What a good Easter egg hunter. He actually found an egg with a $5 bill in it.
Comparing the Eggs.
Ohhh...Mac! Her love for food is something quite amazing. She can literally eat all day. Here she is enjoying her chocolate pudding Easter night. She looks like a animal of some sort.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Easter Egg Hunting in the Snow???

Texas style sledding in a wheel barrel...
The tree in our backyard...I thought it was BEAUTIFUL!! It looks like it has a lot of wisdom.
Our little snow bunny
An attempt at a snowman...lets just call it a snow castle
The threesome

My view in the front yard...Looks like New Mexico while you wait in anticipation to get to Colorado and ski.
The dogs had a blast
He thought it was really cool

Mackey thought the taste was hilarious
Easter eggs in Snow...seems kinda odd
Our House...it looks like it belongs in Colorado

Has this ever happened. I am officially ready for Spring and planting and mowing and being outside. But....Let it snow. Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Can you believe it? Monday night we got about 5 inches of snow and it is supposed to start snowing again tonight. Texas weather...seriously!!! Paxton and Mackey had so much fun tasting the snow (I am sure that is not recommended due to some pollutants or something) but we licked and laughed. Paxton was a little confused he kept saying, "Santa Clause". Boy will be upset when he wakes up Tuesday:) We went out Tuesday morning and played for a couple minutes...until Paxton said he was too cold and needed a warm bath...just like his mom:) Nothings better. Mackey was having a hard time walking in the snow too!!! It's so funny how God surprises you with glimpses of his wonder/creation when you least expect it. Who would have thought snow and Easter two years in a row.